Side Effects Of Bulking Cycles

A steroid bulking cycle involves the use of steroid bulking stacks. A bulking stack is therefore made up of steroids that have been attributed with giving a greater rate of muscle growth, muscle strength as well as stamina and endurance. The best bulking cycle results in the change of one’s physique to more muscular bulk and the ability to carry out progressively difficult exercises with more ease than before.

In all its glory however, a bulking cycle is associated with adverse effects. This is especially true when the steroids used are not used at their right dosages or for the right duration. However, the occurrence of side effects also depends on individual variability including the age as well as the genetic makeup.  For example, only men with the genetic predisposition for male pattern balding are at the risk of developing steroid induced alopecia.

Even the best bulking stack has been associated with side effects. This is because most of the steroids that are used in a bulking cycles are very potent in their ability to cause muscle mass gain as well as their harsh side effects. The commonest side effect is that of water retention. Most steroids used for bulking undergo aromatization to form Estradiol and other Estrogen like hormones. Estrogen increases the amount of water retained in the muscles.

Water retention in muscles leads to increased weight gain. This is considered an unwanted effect by people who only want lean muscle gains. Some of this retained water is absorbed into the circulation leading to increased blood volume. The higher the blood volume, the higher the amount of force needed to transport it throughout the body. Consequently, there is increased blood pressure. Hypertension is not only harmful to the cardiovascular system but to the end organs such as kidneys.

After a bulking cycle (best bulking steroid stack), there is an increase in bad cholesterol with a reduction in the protective cholesterol. This further adds to the stress on the cardiovascular system. It places the user at a high risk of cardiac events such as heart attacks.

Perhaps, one of the most unavoidable side effects of a bulking stack is the inhibition of production of Testosterone by Leydig cells in the testes. If this is not checked early on in the cycle, the suppression may be so severe as to cause symptoms such as a reduction in libido, fatigue, osteoporosis, and reduction in testicular size as well as an increased risk of developing depression.

Other side effects associated with the use of bulking cycles include the development of acne, liver toxicity and alopecia. To know these side effects enables the user to prepare for them as well as to put preventive measures in place before they occur.